The Top Five Reasons why you should Visit Grand Canyon National Park

We all have our own reasons to visit the Grand Canyon National Park. Apart from its magnificent natural beauty, it also houses history and culture that dates back millions of years. The majestic lands of Northern Arizona are definitely must-see at least once in a lifetime. Grand Canyon houses vibrant flora and fauna like no other. It will be a nice experience to go to the Grand Canyon with friends and family!

  • One of the world’s natural wonders

The Grand Canyon is listed as one of the greatest world wonders. Whether you are an American or a visiting tourist, visiting Grand Canyon National Park should be included in your bucket list.

  • Living History

The Grand Canyon is approximately ten million years old. Archeological and geological findings suggest that Native Americans lived in the Canyons for four thousands years. Testaments to its rich history are the 5,000 Indian sites scattered across this expansive land.

  • Breathtaking Viewpoints and Sceneries

The Grand Canyon measures 300 miles long, and 20 miles wide. The depth from the highest peak to the bottom is more than a mile. With so much space, you will definitely see many picturesque viewpoints and scenic attractions.

  • Many Outdoor Activities

There are so many things to do in the Grand Canyon besides sightseeing and taking pictures. Many companies have established guided tours and recreational activities for guest to experience and enjoy. From riding a donkey, to trekking to Havasu Falls (Havasu Falls Hike), to river rafting on the Colorado River- the options are just endless.

  • Open All Year Round

Unlike other natural wonders and parks, the Grand Canyon National Park is open all year long. As the Canyon is huge, it’s not as season sensitive as other tourist spots in the country. The Canyon is usually dry for most of the year, with monsoon season starting in July and ends in August.